Supa-Trac Lite Black – 966mm x 275mm x 27mm

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Supa-Trac Lite offers excellent long-term protection for ground that's vulnerable to damage by sustained pedestrian traffic. It's super sturdy and highly suitable for access routes, pathways, and temporary exhibitions.

If you have a soft piece of ground that's liable to get waterlogged, it won't take long before the numbers of people walking across it will ruin that ground completely. It's a costly problem which is a particular headache on construction sites.

Installing Supa-Trac Lite will not only prevent that damage from taking place, but it will also allow free and safe access for all users. Why spend extra money on repairing the ground when Supa-Trac Lite can protect it in the first place?

Supa-Trac Lite is a robust and durable temporary ground covering designed to create a firm, safe surface for walkways, temporary buildings and other structures. It conforms to almost all land types and conditions and can be laid into any size or shape required. Edging ramps are also available to eliminate trip hazards.

Even better, Supa-Trac Lite can be quickly and easily installed, requiring no tools or expertise. One person could lay up to 70m2 per hour, which makes it the simplest, fastest ground covering solution of its type on the market.

It comes in a range of colours, meets anti-slip regulations, and each 4.7kg per m2 panel can support a static load of up to 54000kg.

Supa-Trac Lite can be easily cleaned, a simple hose down is all that's required and quickly disassembled. The panels can be stored either inside or outdoors, ready to be used again wherever and whenever you need them.

In our opinion, Supa-Trac Lite is the ultimate option for pedestrian flooring.

Also available in Black.

Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg

Default Title

Pack Quantity

1 square metre

Panel Size

966mm x 275mm

Panel Thickness


Panel Weight

2 kgs


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