In a theatre of operations, there are two things to consider when constructing a military headquarters: the working environment and IT and cable management. Floorbox’s comprehensive range of integrated cable flooring and cable management solutions will help you take charge of both.

An HQ is a busy 24/7 environment, and without secure, safe and stable flooring it can become dirty, wet and inhospitable fast. Don’t think that the standard canvas flooring will do the job because it cuts up quickly and before you realise it you’ll be knee deep in mud. Inferior flooring systems won’t work correctly either because most of them aren’t designed for heavy foot traffic in confined spaces. An HQ is already a noisy place, and the wrong flooring can make it sound even louder – not to mention slipperier.

There’s also the problem of keeping your all-important equipment cables tidy, dry and safely contained so that they don’t become annoyances or trip hazards. In the confined space of a standard HQ, a cable is an expensive trip hazard – accidentally falling over one could disable a vital computer or communications system and/or cause serious injury.

Floorbox’s state-of-the-art cable flooring and cabling management systems won’t only keep your HQ safe, orderly and obstacle-free, they’ll also provide a stable non-slip surface that will keep extraneous noise and other annoyances to a minimum. If you’re building an HQ, we can help PDQ. Just get in touch, and we’ll do the rest.

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