Driveway Grids

Driveway grids are an effective way to create a level and stable area for parking vehicles without having to deal with the expense of solutions like tarmac or paving. Suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use, a driveway grid system allows you to create a parking area easily and quickly. 

Our durable grids are fast to install, helping you to level off your driveway and provide traction for your car and other vehicles. They can be used as a temporary option or as a permanent solution as they are strong enough to be used regularly. 

Plastic driveway grids allow you to create an extra parking space without destroying the ground underneath. Simply lay the grids and fill them with shingle, gravel or decorative stones to create an attractive driveway that makes driving and parking simpler. If you want to maintain the appearance of a lawn, you can also use the grids with turf, providing traction for your tyres but not damaging the grass underneath. 

Another big plus of gravel driveway grids is that you don’t need to worry about drainage. As you aren’t laying tarmac or paving slabs, you don’t need to consider drainage as water can simply move through the grids while they remain stable. 

As well as driveways, these grid systems can be used for access routes, fire and emergency routes, depot storage areas and anywhere else that requires vehicle access where there is no permanent road. These versatile products can provide you with a permanent or temporary driveway solution for a fraction of the price of other solutions while also being quick and easy to install.

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