Acoustic Barriers

Market-leading performance at a cost-effective price

Our Acoustic Barriers stand as a testament to relentless innovation and unmatched quality, serving a diverse array of industries from events and construction to military and high-risk environments across the world.

Environmental Responsibility

In our modern world, noise cannot be avoided, but Tabs ASP Acoustic Barriers offer the solution to minimise noise pollution. In noise-sensitive sites, this advanced acoustic barrier material reduces the impact of sound and improves the work environment.

Every ASP panel is constructed to the highest standards, and features a unique patented method of joining panels that maintains edge-to-edge absorption.

Wherever you need noise control:

  • Noise-sensitive construction sites – urban and residential areas
  • Outdoor events – reducing loud noise and music
  • Temporary perimeter fencing – privacy and noise reduction
  • Safety critical installations that require flame retardant materials – occupied building and industrial works

Lightweight high performance materials

  • Reinforced PVC with an acoustic foam insulate layer
  • Waterproof outer layer for weather protection
  • Flame retardant to Bs1-d0 EN 13501-1:2019
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Independently tested for acoustic performance to UNI EN ISO10140-2:2021

These innovative barriers are unique in that additional layers and materials can be incorporated to point load performance. This means that the acoustic insulation, absorption and thermal resistance can be enhanced to match a specific challenge or customised to a clients individual requirements. The composite barrier is fully demountable and reusable.

At The Box Group, we take pride in the diverse range of our offerings. From providing solutions that bring practicality and functionality together to engineering products designed for uncompromised safety, our portfolio is as varied as it is groundbreaking.

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