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Modern military operations involve the swift deployment of air and ground forces into hostile, heavily-damaged environments.

It’s vital to have access to tough and flexible temporary surface equipment that can withstand enormous punishment and be transported, installed and then removed to the next location as quickly as possible. Our military flooring products are robust enough to meet all your operational requirements, whether you need flooring for HQ, accommodation, food prep or workshop areas; temporary roadways and walkways to facilitate safe travel across difficult terrain; sturdy foundation for blast walls and security perimeters; or hard-standing, landing and take-off points for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

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In difficult and dangerous times, you can always rely on Floorbox. Take a moment to recce the versatile range of products we have available.

Camp Accommodation

Military Flooring for challenging environments

Airfield & Heli-Pads

Military flooring and trackway to create safe and secure air access


Temporary flooring enabling clean, dry surfaces to work from


Keeping vital equipment safe in confined spaces

Forward Operating Bases

Hard-wearing and flexible surfaces

Humanitarian Aid

Quickly getting infrastructure up and running

Kitchen and Field hospitals

Camp facilities in the field

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