Temporary Roads

Whether you need light pedestrian access or vehicle access to a site, our range of temporary road mats can ensure easy and safe access while also protecting the ground. Ideal for ground reinforcement and for creating a usable surface on uneven ground, our temporary road solutions can be used for events, during construction projects and even in residential areas.

Our temporary road mats interlock to allow you to create a quick and safe road that can easily be moved or adjusted to suit your needs. Ideal for site access, our mats enable access even when there are difficult ground conditions. They also provide anti-slip solutions, making them perfect for pedestrians, as well as for providing traction for vehicles. 

Temporary road surfaces are also a fantastic environmental solution, helping to protect the ground and avoiding damage by heavy vehicles or high footfall. They can be laid easily with no permanent changes being needed to the ground underneath. Upon removal, the ground will be undamaged, meaning temporary roads are perfect for grassy areas.

Our versatile temporary road options are durable and easy to deploy, allowing you the flexibility to move them as needed. We have a range of solutions available, from those that are ideal for light traffic right up to temporary roads for heavy goods vehicles. 

No matter the project or the area needing a temporary road, we can help you find the right product to improve safety, allow you to access a site with ease and ensure the ground is returned to its original state quickly and easily. 

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