Event Flooring

Hire or buy temporary flooring for events and festivals

Don’t miss out on securing TEMPORARY FLOORING & TRACKWAY for your 2024 projects – supply shortages expected this year

Our range of temporary flooring has been specifically designed for use at festivals and live events. our temporary flooring is easy to work with, making coverage of any size of land a fast, easy process. Alongside this, our event floors provide excellent grip and are incredibly easy to clean off mud, snow or any other damage caused by the elements.

Our event flooring and trackway solutions are easy to transport, install and pack up. Robust enough to withstand enormous punishment, our temporary flooring and trackway will easily meet all your event requirements. Whether you need flooring for VIP dressing rooms or hard-standing for car parking, we can help.

Of course, the people attending your live event want to have a great time, but they also care about the environmental impact that they and the event have. We design sustainability into our flooring and trackway products: from seeking the lowest carbon manufacturing partners and using recycled components, to buying back panels when you’ve finished with them to reuse or recycle.

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