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Our Stadium Turf Protection solutions give you the capability to host to a wider range of events, maximising your revenue potential without compromising on your playing surface integrity.

At The Box Group, we work closely with stadiums and major venues worldwide, helping them unlock their full potential as multi-functional sports and entertainment hubs.

Our robust stadium ground protection systems safeguard the integrity of natural, hybrid, or artificial turf. Whether it’s heavy equipment like cranes and forklifts, bustling crowds, or massive stages, our products ensure your playing surface remains pristine for every event.

Here’s how The Box Group can help:
Sustainable solutions: Lightweight and easy-to-use ground protection minimises environmental impact.
Eliminate turf damage: Protect your valuable playing surface while hosting a wider range of events.
Fast installation & removal: Minimise downtime and maximise efficiency with our user-friendly systems.
Enhanced safety performance: Our solutions prioritise safety for athletes and guests alike.

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