Forward Operating Base

There’s a lot to think about when constructing a forward operating base, but Floorbox solutions ensure you’ll hit the ground running.
Forward operating bases are frequently established off the main base supply route – this means that laying down a hard-wearing and flexible surface for base construction is vitally important, as is providing a safe temporary access route for the entry and exit of vehicles. This is where Floorbox’s range of heavy-duty surfaces come into their own because military vehicles can range from four-tonne four-wheel drives to hundred-tonne armoured vehicles and equipment transporters. You don’t want something that big getting bogged down in mud or sand, for very obvious reasons!
And then there’s the problem of base security, which is where the TerraBlock range is a major asset. TerraBlock isn’t only invaluable for vehicle mitigation, the system is also ideal for the construction of blast walls. If a mortar bomb lands close to the base, TerraBlock will prevent the shock wave from spreading out and restrict the amount of damage. High-standing TerraBlock systems can also protect against small arms fire and assist in the erection of elevated firing positions.
As far as mobility is concerned, it is essential that military personnel have suitable ‘going’ – the ability to move around easily on foot or in vehicles between the forward operating base and other locations, either by using walkways or roadways that can be situated swiftly and removed just as fast. Floorbox has the product that will make that happen. Give us a call, and we’ll explain why Floorbox’s range of surface and security solutions is always bang on target.

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