Path Protection

If you need a temporary path, want to protect the ground when you create additional access or are creating a gravel pathway, our range of path protection can help. Ideal for residential properties, events spaces and construction sites, temporary path protection provides a safe, non-slip and stable surface while protecting the ground underneath. 

Protective garden paths can be used while you’re landscaping, providing a clear pathway that looks after the grass underneath. They are also great for outdoor events, helping to reduce the risk of slipping and ensure you can direct pedestrian traffic. 

On work sites, path protection can help you create a stable walkway on soft ground, which makes moving from one area to another safer, especially if transporting tools or other items. It also ensures that heavy use doesn’t damage the ground, allowing you to leave it as it was once the job is over. 

We also offer path reinforcement grids that provide an easy way for you to create a safe and secure path. These grids can be laid and then filled with grass or shingle to create an attractive path that also serves to protect the ground underneath and create a durable walkway. In this way, you can also create a path that doesn’t detract from the look of your lawn.

Whether you are looking for a temporary solution for an event or you need protective garden path options at home, we have the right product for you and can offer expert advice to help you find the best option.

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