Trampoline Base

Finding the right place for your trampoline can be a challenge. Uneven surfaces can mean an expensive concrete build or set of slabs that will break your back, moving them around the garden.

Take away the strain with a quick install Geogrid ground reinforcement foundation. Level the ground and keep the weeds back using a textile liner. Fill with sand bark or 20mm stone, and you are good to go.

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Age Standard Size Indoor / Outdoor Shed Base in feet
4 Years Old Mini Trampoline / 4.5ft / 6ft Indoor & Outdoor 5m2 based on 500mm x 500mm pieces 27ft is the area of the Trampoline, allowing for a 21 sq ft surround 5m2 total 6 x 8
5-6 Years Old 6ft Trampoline – 10ft Trampoline Outdoor 5.5m2 plus 3m2 for surround 9m2 GG Std 8 x12
7-9 Years Old 8ft Trampoline – 12ft Trampoline Outdoor 8ft x 12ft = 96 sq ft Trampoline footprint. 138 sq ft with run off = 13m2 of floor. 9m2 GG Std Footprint, 13m2 with surround 10x 14
10 Years Old 12ft Trampoline – 14ft Trampoline Outdoor 12 ft x 14ft = 168 sqft = 15.6m2 20m2 flooring taking in the surround 14 x 16
11-13 Years Old 12ft Trampoline – 16ft Trampoline Outdoor / In-ground 12ft x 16ft = 192m2 footprint 23m2 Flooring with surround 14 x18
Adult (Gymnast) 10x17ft Outdoor 10×17 = 170 sqft footprint= 16m2 21m2 with surround 12 x 20


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