Whether you need a suitable flooring option for commercial, professional or domestic purposes, our lightweight flooring options will fit the bill. Easy to use and quick to install, our lightweight floor mats are the perfect choice for last-minute requirements or if you need to be able to change the floor plan fast. 

Our lightweight flooring options help to protect both indoor and outdoor floors, making them a versatile choice for most events. They can help avoid grass getting trampled, stop the ground from becoming muddy, protect carpets and more. 

Providing the perfect protective floor covering, the easy-to-install flooring can be laid in the required area in no time at all and without the need for specialist tools, allowing you to react to the weather or the needs of people attending to an event. You can easily create pathways to allow pedestrian access when construction work is taking place or create a dance floor in a marquee. 

We have several styles of protective floor mats available to suit your needs, including sports flooring, pathways and edging pieces to ensure accessibility for everyone. This means you can find the right lightweight, resilient flooring solution for any event, activity or venue. 

Once you’ve finished with our lightweight flooring mats, they can be easily cleaned with a hose, disassembled quickly and stored inside or outside until they are needed again. 

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