Humanitarian Aid

Assisting in the dispersal of humanitarian aid is an ongoing military concern, and it doesn’t only take place in a war zone.

It could be a disaster area, a hot zone, or a location that’s been struck by an ‘act of God’ – an earthquake, hurricane or serious flooding. In all these examples, temporary flooring, roadways, walkways and access routes will always play an essential role in helping to provide basic facilities, keeping people safe, and getting the infrastructure up and running again as quickly as possible.

Floorbox solutions have a vital role to play where disaster planning and humanitarian aid is concerned. With a stockpile of Floorbox product on hand, life-saving assistance can reach the people who need it faster than ever. No expert knowledge or specialist tools are required to deploy our surfaces which means laying down our flooring, roadways and walkways doesn’t have to wait until the military arrive – the untrained local community can do it too.

At Floorbox, we are committed to providing the most appropriate, timely, and cost-effective solution to the military, humanitarian agencies and non-government organisations. Not only do we have the product that will help you save lives, but we will always respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs. Get in touch, and we’ll be delighted to tell you more.

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