Garden Protection

Garden protection mats help to protect your grass and the ground from traffic, whether this is people, vehicles or animals. They provide a stable and level surface that can improve safety while also offering protection from heavy footfall. 

Ideal for residential properties, outdoor events and when providing access to a worksite, our range of grass protection systems are highly effective while also being simple to use. These versatile problems provide a solution to multiple problems, whether it’s pets churning up muddy ground, protecting your turf from guests or providing non-slip temporary pathways.

Our garden protection panels take no time at all to install. The interlocking panels can quickly be put down, allowing you to cover a large area with ease. This also means they can be moved or rearranged as required, making them ideal for events that may need to accommodate a range of requirements at different times. 

Once you are finished with your grass protection mats, they are easy to dismantle, allowing you to return your garden to its original state without having to deal with any wear and tear. So whether you’re using machinery outside for landscaping or hosting a family party, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden without having to worry about damage to it.

From grass protection plastic mesh to solid floor panels, we have plenty of options available to suit your needs and your budget. Explore our range today and get in touch if you need advice on the best garden protection solutions for you.

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