Temporary Car Parks

If you’re looking for temporary car parks, we have a great range of short-term parking solutions available. Ideal for providing ground reinforcement and creating a suitable surface for cars, our temporary car park mats are easy to install and allow you to restore the area when the car park is no longer needed.

Whether you need a non-permanent car park for a festival, construction site, outdoor event or something else, our cost-effective mats, floor panels and ground reinforcements make it easy to set one up. Even better, you don’t need to worry about the planning permission requirements or constructing a permanent car park, giving you plenty of flexibility.

Our range of floor mats provide a simple way to create parking areas and access roads for a large number of vehicle types. Providing effective traction for cars, heavy machinery and pedestrians, you can create a safe surface even in wet and muddy conditions.

If you need a longer-lasting car park option but don’t want to destroy the ground or the appearance of your landscaped grass, our grid reinforcement options are a great idea. These can be laid and filled with grass, shingle or gravel to make parking easier while still protecting the ground underneath.

Whatever temporary car park solution you need, we have the product that will work for you. No matter how big or small your project, our expert solutions and great service will deliver the best results while making sure you can easily return your ground to its original state.

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