Camp Accommodation

Whether they’re eating, sleeping or taking a well-deserved comfort break, it’s vital that military personnel can refuel and recover in the safest and most sanitary conditions possible.

We stock tent flooring solutions to keep your troops dry and comfortable, providing a clean and solid surface for camp cots, sleeping bags and kit, and providing insulation from the cold.

Cooking and eating areas are just as important. In the basic facilities of a military camp, the risk of food poisoning is high. Also, if the facility is being used for humanitarian aid, there is the added danger of waterborne or airborne diseases polluting food. Floorbox systems are hygienic, simple to assemble and easy-to-clean which reduces the risk of contamination considerably.

And don’t forget ablutions. In a theatre of operations, washing and toilet facilities are unfriendly enough – our temporary walkways not only provide safe and clean passage to and from the ablutions area, but not having to trudge through the mud will also significantly improve your personnel’s morale. If you have any questions, we’re standing by our beds to answer your call!

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