Medium Weight

Our range of medium-duty temporary flooring provides you with a versatile and flexible solution for your flooring needs. Ideal for professional settings, domestic needs and construction projects, our temporary flooring solutions can help protect the ground, be used as work pads or provide temporary pathways. 

More robust than our lightweight options, our medium-weight protective flooring can be used for pedestrian footfall or lighter vehicles. This makes it ideal for landscape gardeners needing to move mechanical equipment around or to create a temporary roadway system at a construction site. 

The easy-to-install temporary floor covering we provide is easy and quick to install, allowing you to lay it and move it as required. This is ideal if you need to react to a change in weather, if a pathway needs to be reallocated or if an event space needs to be extended. The floor mats can easily be laid by one person with no specialist skills or equipment being needed. 

Once installed, the medium-weight temporary flooring will help to protect any ground underneath it while also improving the grip of vehicles and providing safe and secure pedestrian walkways. It will help avoid damage to grass, delicate floors, carpeting and more. Once your event is over or the flooring is no longer required, it can easily be cleaned, disassembled and stored away.

Even better, we can help you find the right temporary floor mats quickly with our same day dispatch on many products when ordered before 11am.

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