Heavy Duty

Our range of heavy-duty temporary flooring will provide you with the right flooring solution for a variety of needs. Our tough and resilient flooring options are suitable for even the most challenging of environments, providing a safe and secure surface while also protecting the ground underneath. 

With our heavy-duty floor protection mats, you can create a surface that is suitable for heavy vehicles, large groups of people, a temporary shelter or events building and more. Our temporary flooring can be used for roadways, paths and any other type of flooring you need, all without the need for professional installers or specialist tools. 

Delivering supreme performance, all of our heavy-duty floor protection is designed to protect the floor below and improve safety for the people and machinery on top of it. The versatile panels can easily be moved or repurposed quickly to meet your needs and help with various applications. From heavy construction to a live event, our heavy-weight temporary flooring will deliver with minimum fuss. 

Many of our heavy-weight options help with more niche requirements, being suitable for road surfaces, crane access drill pads and even as an operating base for helicopter landing and take-off. Their strong construction means they can take whatever you throw at them while still allowing you to benefit from quick and easy assembly. 

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