Outrigger Pads

Our range of crane outrigger pads provides excellent durability, strength and load distribution to suit your needs. Engineered and manufactured with reliable and long-lasting performance in mind, they’ll suit all of your crane outrigger pad requirements, providing stable support when operating mobile plants, cranes and powered access platforms. 

While our mobile crane outrigger pads are made from lightweight materials, making them easy and safe to transport around your worksite, they provide great strength and rigidity to ensure they provide a stable base. They are able to withstand a huge amount of vertical pressure while also adapting to uneven ground conditions without permanently altering the shape of the pads. 

As well as ensuring your crane has a stable base, they help to prevent damage to the ground underneath it, offering protection against breakages. This ensures they can be used on a range of flooring types while preserving the integrity of the ground and also protecting water pipes and cables that may be below the surface of the ground. 

Every one of our outrigger pads is hard-wearing, providing splinter-proof use that has a greater lifespan than many other pads on the market. Made out of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene, they are also chemical, oil and water-resistant, making them suitable for all environments and weather conditions. 

Our outrigger pads can also be used on their own or as part of an integrated engineered protection system.

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