NoTrax Skywalker HD Yellow Safety Line

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When you need to clearly delineate certain areas in your warehouse, assembly plant etc., - perhaps to indicate safe zones, walkways, or places that are off limits – you have to make sure the method you use is highly visible and immediately identifiable.

In a busy working environment, it’s all too easy to miss the warning signs, and that’s when accidents can happen. But the Skywalker HD Safety Line has that problem covered.

The Skywalker HD Safety Line is a yellow safety line composed of heavy duty nitrile rubber that is resistant to most industrial oils. It’s a 10cm x 91cm yellow strip which contains an ergonomic bubble pattern that seamlessly connects with all the other products in the Skywalker HD modular anti-fatigue mat series, allowing you the freedom to create completely customisable mat configurations. For example, it could be used to identify a transition between a general purpose Skywalker HD zone and a Skywalker HD ESD (anti-static) zone, or between a Skywalker HD ESD zone and a Skywalker HD Nitrile zone – whatever transition you need to make, wherever you need to make it, the Skywalker HD Safety Line is easy to handle, easy to deploy, and its distinctive bright yellow high visibility stripe makes it impossible to miss. It is also slip resistant and resilient enough to withstand both carts and heavy foot traffic.

Make no mistake, the Skywalker HD Safety Line is an important part of the Skywalker HD series, the ultimate holistic flooring solution.

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