Kitchen and Field Hospitals

Field hospitals
As the people doing vital, life-saving work in the field, army medical teams need to work in the best facilities possible.
Field hospitals are often built on terrain that is rugged, and in conditions where mud or sand can become a big problem. The doctors and nurses need clean, stable walkways to move around the facility and transport patients from operating theatres to wards with ease. Our flooring systems provide robust ground protection and will help to mitigate trip hazards.
Hygiene is crucial, so having floors that can be quickly cleaned will help to prevent the spread of disease and contamination. If the medical teams are working with machines that have cabling, our cable protection systems will help to keep them hidden and protected, enabling the military medics to get on with the job.
Of course, getting the injured to the hospital is crucial, especially when access points are used so frequently that the ground becomes destroyed. Our track way products can be used to create clear access roads to the field hospital so the injured can be treated without delay.
If you need any more information about how our products can be used in field hospitals, get in touch.
Kitchen areas
If you want to get the best performance at of your military personnel, you need to feed them well – and it’s the job of the kitchen staff to make that happen.
When working with stoves, electrical equipment and hot pans, it’s important that the chefs are standing on surfaces that are solid, clean and safe. Plenty of food will be dropped, and mess created during the long hours of preparation and cooking, so having an easy-clean flooring system can save a lot of time. Our systems require very little attention to bring them back up to scratch, keeping the chefs focussed on meals, not mops.
Food poisoning is a big problem for military kitchens and can cause chaos if multiple personnel are struck down. However, working in difficult conditions can make it hard to keep contamination out, and that’s why hygienic flooring can be a life-saver.
Take a look at our range of kitchen area flooring solutions and get in touch if you want more information.

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