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If you run a production or assembly line, employee fatigue and absenteeism caused by prolonged standing on a hard floor are two of the biggest issues you face.

To combat that, you need a surface that will be comfortable to work on for long periods and which will help to improve your worker’s posture, reducing strain on joints and muscles and promoting blood flow. If your employees are more comfortable, productivity is improved, and the risk of sickness and work-related injury is dramatically reduced. That’s exactly what Cushion Trax does, but it’s just part of the reason why this versatile flooring system is one of our biggest sellers.

Durability is also crucial in those kinds of heavy-use working environments. Cushion Trax consists of two layers – a sponge underside and a PVC surface - which are heat fused together, creating even joins and eliminating weak spots. While the thick sponge layer provides maximum comfort and aids anti-fatigue, the resilient PVC surface means Cushion Trax is tough enough for almost any situation – it can even be driven onto by a small cart. It is also anti-slip, fire rated and free of silicon, which makes it the perfect choice for painting facilities and the automotive industry. On top of that, the bevelled edges reduce tripping risk and Cushion Trax is also available with yellow borders for extra safety.

Because Cushion Trax comes on a roll, it is perfect for laying down in long straight areas – factories, manufacturing plants, counters or offices. It can also be cut down into smaller sizes for workstations. With its versatility, ruggedness and health promoting benefits Cushion Trax really is the jack of all trades.

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