Supa-Trac PP Edging Ramps Yellow

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You can add Supa-Trac PP Edging Ramps Black & Yellow)to your order today. You won,t regret spending that little extra to make sure your purchase is safe and secure in terms of your peace of mind.

Events, logistics, or construction professionals know that getting the finer details of the project right helps elevate your work from good to outstanding.

So, when you've gone to the trouble of installing a low cost, high function temporary flooring solution, don't forget about the edges. 

The last thing you want is for your visitors, guests or pedestrians to trip or slip as they step on or off a Supa-Trac flooring system, so complete your investment perfectly with these High quality, high visibility edging ramps. 

This simple but extremely effective product will be the final touch to your Supa-Trac installation will ensure that the public and your staff members won't need to stress about sharp edges or trip hazards and safely enter or exit the flooring area.

The ramps also offer to anchor the flooring in extreme conditions providing stake holes in each ramp. It is incredibly innovative in certain situations such as "helipads" and other military applications.

Not only do they keep members of the public out of harm's way, but the edging ramps also allow easy access for wheelchairs and light vehicles. The ramps are sold in pairs and come in yellow and black to ensure they're visible to users. They are made from the same durable polypropylene as the panels, are simple to install and finish the flooring system beautifully.

We recommended the ramps are locked in to place with the Supa-trac locking mechanism, which is sold separately. (as shown in the illustration below)


Add Supa-Trac PP Edging Ramps Yellow to your order today. You won,t regret it..






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