Airfield & Heli-Pads

In a hostile environment where the ground has been disrupted, cratered or flooded, you’re in a race against time to create safe and secure air access.

The sooner you can get that airfield back into operation, the quicker you’re going to be able to fly in critical aid relief and supplies – especially in locations that are land-locked, or where it may not be possible to ship in aid by sea.

But it’s not just fixed-wing aircraft that you have to consider. Providing a safe and stable ‘quick erect’ helicopter landing and take-off pad is just as critical, especially a surface that can be ‘tamped down’ in dusty or sandy conditions to prevent rotor preservation burn-out. And when hefty underslung loads are being prepared for delivery to locations where the helicopter cannot land, the surface you’re loading onto must be resilient enough to handle the job.

Our solutions are perfectly suited for all those scenarios and can be deployed in a short space of time with the minimum of manpower, ensuring that it won’t be long before you’re ready for take-off again. Check out our range of airfield and helipad products or give us a call to find out more.

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