Terrabolt Ground Anchor

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As a ground anchor,

Terra-bolt is a truly groundbreaking new system. As with other Rola-Trac designed systems Terra-bolt is made of robust composite plastics that make it light and easy to use.

Terra-bolt is massively strong enabling users to anchor all manner of items in place safely and securely.

Terra-bolt screws into the ground using a standard 65mm socket which can be turned by hand or machine. I some cases, depending on ground conditions a pilot hole may have to be drilled. The head allows M24mm fittings to be attached to meet the user’s specifc requirements.

These may be ring attachments, fencing braces, sign posts or anchoring heads for attachment to any object.

A major safety feature for Terra-bolt is that it is non conductive of electricity. In the event of an accidental contact with electrical installations, Terra-bolt provides a far greater level of user

protection than metal products.Terra-bolt is designed for flexible usage in a wide range of operational scenarios. It can be used singularly or in nest and plate formations for extreme loadings.

Terra-bolt will operate successfully in all soil types and is extremely quick to install and extract by a single operator. As with all Rola-Trac products Terrabolt requires no specialist tools for

operations and is easily carried and stored.


Additional information

65mm head

Inch drive 65mm standard socket needed, plus T bar or ratchet


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