Rola-Trac Edging pieces Black

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  • 6  ramps per linear metre
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  • Prices quoted are per pair
  • Minimum Order: 10 pairs
  • For Orders Over 100 pairs – Call +44 (0)203 286 7463

Edging sections offer a clearly defined finish to the Rola-Trac Ultra product. As a result, it provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to your completed project. It also offers a highly visible transition from the temporary floor to other surfaces, which, in itself is extremely pleasing to the eye.

The finishing touch to any Rola-Trac Ultra installation are the edging ramps. Edging ramps are advised to enable easy access for pedestrians and wheelchairs users alike. They help to  eliminate any trip hazards, and offer a transition between the temporary surface and hard standing.

The product is sold in pairs and are available in yellow and black. They are made from the same durable polypropylene co polymer as the flooring. The product is designed to be easily installed. Once in place it simply snaps together employing the same method as the Rola-Trac Ultra product itself. The product can be used on entrance and egress or as an attractive and safe addition to completely surround to your newly laid flooring.

Ramped edging pieces are a must for outside use, such as events and exhibitions dealing with large amounts of pedestrian traffic. Whilst offering a level of visibility and negating trip hazards, they also conform to Health and Safety guidelines. Rola-Trac systems have been employed in numerous locations worldwide such as stadiums, concert arenas, festivals, sporting venues and construction. Rola-Trac products have faced the toughest tests in the most inhospitable environments imaginable, including various military conflicts around the globe and has passed with flying colours each time.

So, if you're looking for an attractive no-nonsense solution to your temporary flooring needs, look no further than the Rola-Trac ultra system.


Installation and recovery

No specialist tooling is required for the installation and recovery of the system. Snap together and snap apart. It’s as simple as that.


Prices displayed are for a pair of edging ramps. Minimum order 20 pairs (40) pieces.


Additional information

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