There's a reason why many of the world's leading contractors and industries nominate TuffTrak as their heavy duty temporary road mat of choice. That's because, whichever TuffTrak product you use, you're always guaranteed outstanding quality, resilience and strength at unbeatable value.
Security can be a big problem for site managers, and that means investing in high-cost aluminium track panels is a purchase fraught with worry. In contrast, TuffTrak offers you the performance and protection you need for a lower price, and it doesn't carry the same risk. There is no incentive for thieves to steal TuffTrak mats because they canít be recycled and sold in the same way a metal product can. They do one job and do it brilliantly, all without the security headaches of their metal counterparts.

Where the TuffTrak ST range is concerned, there's a choice of three different products - the PE300, PE500 and PE1000. Of the three, the PE500 is by far the biggest seller and capable of withstanding even the harshest punishment whereas the PE1000 is at the top of the range, composed of ultra-high molecular-weight board.

When it is vital to create safe temporary access that can withstand substantial amounts of weight, or lay down a temporary road surface that offers safe and effective traction for both pedestrians, vehicles and heavy machinery, TuffTrak ST is the perfect solution.

Designed in the UK and manufactured in the EU, TuffTrak ST is a solid one-piece mat which is compression moulded to support loads of up to 150 tonnes. Created with user protection firmly in mind, it incorporates a dual-grip design chevron traction surface with a reversible low-profile traction surface which utilizes micro traction ™ to increase grip even further. Because chevron traction substantially improves grip and mud dispersal from forward moving vehicles or plant, TuffTrak ST is extremely safe. This ingenious surface also reduces dangerous side slippage even in the most hostile environments and ground conditions.

TuffTrak STís low profile traction surface makes it perfect for deployment as working pad, drilling rigs or depot/storage areas. Compared to its competitors less capable temporary road mats, TuffTrak ST also reduces the risk of tripping, slipping or falling. Reflective markings for safer visibility in low-light or night-time conditions can be specified as an option.

TuffTrak ST is quick and easy to install and manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene, which has substantial environmentally-friendly benefits. Its solid construction reduces the risk of being damaged by fork lifts or other heavy machinery, as well as preventing the intake of liquids and substantially reducing the chances of site cross-contamination.

Additional information

Weight 295 kg

HDPE (100% Recycled High Density Polyethylene)



Panel Size

3000mm x 2500mm

Panel Weight

295 Kg

Panel Area

7.5 square metres


Suggested 60 tonnes, weight tested up to 100 tonnes (depending on ground conditions)

Pack Quantity

1 Panel


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