The AmP Panel

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Why buy the AmP Panel?

  • Heavy duty trackway with track mat portability
  • Save thousands by not having to invest in an expensive Hiab. Forks will do!
  • Panels can be manually installed by teams of 2 or 4 people.
  • Cross lay to achieve an incredible weight-bearing capability
  • Each panel has 10 connection points for extra resilience and agility
  • Lay in a brick weave design to add integrated strength to the way you connect up over large areas
  • Use on the ground as trackway or fencing in a vertical plane. It works both ways!

Product Description

A true innovation in trackway design, the AmP Panel gives you all the functionality of a heavy-duty system but the portability of track mats - saving your business a small fortune.

Floorbox wanted to stage a revolution in the heavy-duty market, buy creating a hard-working trackway system that can take up to a 12.5-tonne axle weight, but can be deployed by a JCB 926 (or similar all terrain forklift) and then manually laid. So, there’s no need to settle for products that can’t take the loads you need to move, or compromise when it comes to confined space solutions as AMP panels create a level playing field against standard trackway panels.

By renting forklifts and then getting 2 or 4-person teams to lay the AmP Panel, this system can reduce the investment costs by £180,000 (the average price for a Hiab truck) and allows you to be agile in the application.

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Additional information

Weight 104 kg

3m x 1.15m


40 mm


104 kg

Connection Points

Armed with 10 connection points for extra resilience

Delivery Notes

Delivered in units of 200 panels per truck, or 180 in Hi-Cube for international shipping


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