Turf protection is a serious business when you’re staging an event on grass that needs to remain pristine. The good news is that Portapath is a solution that can do that job without breaking the bank. Not only does this rugged anti-slip surface protect the ground, but it also prevents soil compaction. So you can be confident that you’ll remove it to find the turf below in great shape once the event is over.

Imagine you are putting on a corporate event in a marquee. Not only do you need to provide your guests and any wheelchair users with a comfortable, safe floor, but you also need to extend a walkway from the marquee to an adjacent path or building. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Christmas party or a summer fete, Portapath is the all-weather, all-year-round solution.

Often at big events, it’s not just the guests who need a floor that is safe and reliable. Catering teams and other grounds staff can use the Portapath walkways to move around their workspace with ease. Better yet, you can customise Portapath for the job you need, so you don’t have to spend hours on site trying to fit the flooring as you can adapt to your specifications in advance.

Hectic events organisers can’t waste time, and that’s where Portapath’s patented ‘living hinge’ comes into play. This innovative design allows you to assemble the system quickly, and disconnect it just as fast. Even if you’re covering a stadium floor, a small team can install 8000 square meters in a matter of hours.

Just click the patented ‘living hinge’ system in place, and you’re good to go.

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg

Default Title

Pack Quantity

1 square metre

Panel Size

80mm x 310mm x 16mm

Panel Thickness


Panel Weight

3.76 kg


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