• 10-tonne load capacity on firm ground
  • Environmentally friendly - made from recycled plastics
  • Lightweight to handle
  • Suitable for small machinery and pedestrian traffic
  • Works with rubber and flat steel tracks
  • Does not take water, does not rust (VS wood/metal)
  • Anti-slip protection
  • Extra grip for tyres and pedestrians
  • 2-year warranty (according to conditions – ask us for the details)

Whether you are working in the landscape gardening business, in events or as a facilities manager, you’ll sometimes need to create a safe way to travel across problematic ground. Whether the area you need to access is pristine and must stay that way, or unsuitable for visitors, extra parking or small machinery, there is a low-cost solution that can help you – the LODAX Budget Mat.  Ideal as temporary car park matting, to create walkways or to allow access to machinery.

These versatile temporary flooring mats are designed to handle a 10-tonne load capacity, and that means pedestrians, cars and small machines (such as mini excavators) can get across them safely. Moulded and made from recycled plastics, the LODAX Budget Mats are super strong and sit perfectly on firm ground.

To connect the mats together, you just use the simple connector pieces and secure the flooring system. Using these connectors, you can use the mats to build a road, pathway or platform.

The Budget Mats are designed for use on firm ground, so check the condition of the area you want to cover before selecting the right system. Don’t worry if you need something more robust as the LODAX Premium Mats offer even more protection. But for gardeners, event organisers and those putting down a temporary pathway, the Budget Mat is a great, affordable option - and guaranteed to protect the ground underneath beautifully.

Approximate lead time for delivery = 7 days

Additional information

Weight 17 kg


Panel Size

1500mm x 1000mm

Panel Thickness


Panel Weight

17 Kg



load capacity



2-years (according to conditions – ask us for the details)


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