It’s hard to know what events in 2021 are going to look like – let alone whether any will take place during the continued Covid-19 pandemic. With another lockdown meaning more cancelled events, there’s a lot of uncertainty around when it will be considered safe for events to take place.

As the invents industry tries to adapt to the “new normal”, many organisers are looking at how they can make events safe when they are given the go-ahead once again. While virtual events are still taking place, face-to-face functions are still on hold.

it’s expected that fewer physical events will take place in 2021, and those that are hoping to happen now need to consider Covid safety, as well as general safety and accessibility. With this in mind, what can you expect from events in 2021?

Outdoor Events

A lot more events will be taking place outside, with open-air events allowing for easier social distancing. They also provide natural ventilation to reduce Covid-19 transmission.

While it’s unlikely that festivals will be among the outdoor events taking place, there are plenty of possibilities, especially when it comes to events on a smaller scale. Of course, the British weather being what it is may cause a few challenges, meaning the use of open-sided tents, marquees and other semi-permanent structures will likely become popular.

As we get into the wetter seasons, events may also start using outdoor heaters to try and increase the comfort levels for those attending outdoor events, such as Christmas markets. Outdoor flooring can also be used to provide ground reinforcement and stop mud from becoming a safety issue.

Exclusive Events

Large scale events are going to pose several challenges for organisers, so many will likely opt for smaller, more exclusive events. Ideal for reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission, making it easier to adhere to social distancing and allowing for better health screening, exclusive events can still be an effective way to reach a large number of people.

Rather than one huge event, more organisations will likely choose to host several smaller events. This will still limit the number of people who can attend, but it can allow for more personal touches and an improved experience all around.

Smaller events also allow organisers to iron out any kinks and bring in any extra equipment needed, such as temporary events flooring, to improve the experience and provide better Covid-19 protection for attendees.

Hybrid Events

With events likely to stay on the small side for the foreseeable future and many people still choosing to stay at home as much as possible, hybrid events are likely to be a big thing in 2021.

We’ve already seen that online events like webinars have become popular over the last year and hybrid events will use this to combine the digital side of things with the in-person experience. Hybrid events allow for a small number of people to attend in person but also utilises social media and live streaming to allow people to get involved from a distance.

This type of event can actually provide increased reach for your event, as it can be attended on a global scale. Recordings can also be viewed after the event, further increasing reach and providing great digital marketing materials.

Of course, hybrid events still require you to assess how best to maintain social distancing and ensure the safety of your attendees, but this can be more easily done due to the lower headcount.

Added Considerations for Events in 2021

Whether you utilise outdoor events, smaller capacities or opt for a hybrid experience, Covid-19 means that there are additional aspects of event organisation that you need to consider.

Queuing Systems

As well as maintaining social distancing within your event space, you need to provide adequate queuing systems that allow people to keep their distance outside of it. Depending on where your event is being held, this may require barriers, outdoor flooring (in the case on mud or slippery surfaces), car park relocation and temporary shelter from the rain.

Sanitising Stations

Sanitising stations should be provided at the entrance and exits to any events, as well as throughout the space to help ensure the risk of Covid-19 transmission is minimised. These stations should be provided in open spaces and you’ll likely need both manned and un-manned ones throughout your event space.

Health Checks

To ensure people are not attending with Covid-19 symptoms, space for health checks will also need to be provided at the entrance of your event. Temperature checks and health questionnaires to allow for tracking in case of an outbreak are common options, however, tools like the iWarrant app can also help ensure the health and safety of attendees.

Changing Room Layouts

Room layouts will need to be adjusted to allow for social distancing and to adhere to any rules around group size. This may mean that partitions are used, more tables are required for conferences and panels and that different areas of an events space are broken up for different uses.

If you have any questions about how we can help get your events venue ready for the additional challenges that 2021 is going to throw up, get in touch by calling us on 0203 286 7463 or drop us an email at

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