Yesterdays £1.5 billion Governments aid to keep venues shut until they can safely open, means the live event sector is on its knees and still falling headlong towards a face plant. The UK Government does not seem to have  any effective ideas on how we can actually spin up live events back into life. #letthemusicplay is a start and I know we can make it happen

Here’s how!

I like the concept of the full capacity plan. If I can be a part of making it a reality then I will have done something to be proud of.

The I-Warrant system is already being targeted to international travel and is a proven operation. Here is the way I believe we can make it work for our world of events, sport, theatre and all other forms of hospitality. 

The level of testing available and the lack of a cohesive platform to ensure the security of the data is problematic with the Full capacity Plan. The time-lapse of 24-36 hours between the test, getting the results and attending the event is insufficient.

The I-Warrant platform, combined with IC Gene CE IVD test is a breakthrough technology. 

  • The time it takes to get a positive or negative result is reduced from 36 hours to more like 36 minutes.
  • The need for sophisticated lab testing for samples is removed entirely and can be done from almost any location. 
  • Upon receiving a Greenlight result, it is physically impossible for the tested person to infect any other person for three days.

It means you can put on Latitude and all people in the tested green zone will be 100% safe!

How it works

ICGene is a new and powerful system that is setting the standard for molecular genetic analysis based on LAMP technology. The ICGENE system is currently used in a range of diagnostic applications and is proven to be significantly quicker and more cost-effective than existing alternatives. ICGENE has developed tests for COVID-19, both on surfaces and in humans (available with CE IVD certification soon), offering ground-breaking speed of results with high accuracy. The ICGENE system is portable at room temperatures and can be powered from a 12-volt source, making it ideal for immediate on-the-spot checks in the field. 

The widely used molecular test (which the FCP currently relies on) used for COVID-19 is the UK government Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test which requires laboratory conditions. Often taking more than 2 hours to produce results which are mailed back to the people tested. PCR requires experienced, trained laboratory staff and additional reagents.

iWarrant delivers a privacy-first digital technology wrapper to COVID-19 testing primarily for international travel. Soon to be applied at Frankfurt airport, the system can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the events and hospitality world.

iWarrant wraps Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) testing at the point of the sample in a secure software ecosystem that provides through-life assurance of traveller status. With minimal training, iWarrant delivers high specificity digital certification in approximately 45 minutes and, most importantly, at a cost less than one-fifth that seen elsewhere.

iWarrant can, therefore, be implemented at scale and with only a minor increment to the user’s daily activities. 

Testing could be done in locally to where people live, and before the event happens. They can then travel to any show with 100% confidence in their state of health along with every other event participant. 

Method of operation:

  • On buying their ticket for a concert, football match or theatre visit, people will be asked to register and verify their identity through the iWarrant app. 
  • The app assigns an ‘untested’ status to the traveller/ event goer who undergoes a swab test. Once processed, a negative test result automatically creates a visual reference in the iWarrant app.
  • Once the person comes to the venue, the process continues, as usual, the visual reference in the iWarrant app allows the concert goer to enter the venue and watch a show knowing that all other people in the green zone are 100% safe. 
  • This process repeats every three days: creating a secure, private, and immutable health record that, in conjunction with contact tracing, key location, and risk management services, can be used to help get our world back on track. 


Call us now on 0203 286 7463 or email to find our more about our breakthrough technology.


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