Outdoor Flooring

Ideal for a huge range of uses, our temporary outdoor flooring is quick and easy to install. Providing a brilliant time-efficient solution, it is the perfect way to create a safe, level floor that protects the surface underneath and provides plenty of traction. 

With various options available, you can use outdoor flooring to create temporary car parks, walkways, events flooring and more. Whether you need to provide a safe surface or simply want to stop your grass from getting trampled and muddy, we have the right solution for you. 

If you’re planning an outdoor event – such as a festival, concert or wedding – our temporary flooring can provide an easy-to-assemble option that is effective no matter the weather. Being versatile enough for large numbers of people, the flooring can be used in open space or as marquee flooring to create the perfect area for your event. 

You can also use it to create pedestrian walkways, whether they are for catering staff to be able to move locations quickly or to improve safety on a construction site. Because the flooring panels are so quick to put down and dismantle, you can even move your temporary walkways about to suit your requirements throughout the day. 

As well as providing portable flooring for people, much of our outdoor flooring can be used to create temporary car parking. Perfect for events or to provide overflow car park that will be needed for an extended period of time, our temporary car park flooring provides traction for cars and is hard-wearing enough for larger vehicles and heavy machinery. 

If you aren’t sure which outdoor flooring option best suits your needs, get in touch with our team for their expert advice.  

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