how to get rid of mud in fieldsAs the cold, wet weather persists, construction sites, events, paddocks, and other outdoor areas are facing challenges during the Winter and Spring months. Heavy rain or sleet can rapidly transform a grass field into a muddy disaster, leading to traffic disruptions, landslides, slope failures, flooding, and agricultural difficulties. These conditions also pose potential dangers to pedestrians, workers, machinery, and livestock.

Thankfully, there is a solution to alleviate these problems – Geogrid ground reinforcement and protection mats are a cost-effective, adaptable, and simple-to-install option suitable for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are working on a large-scale construction job, trying to protect and maintain livestock or horses in the worsening mud, or a landscaper building a driveway for a residential property, Geogrid offers a practical way to enhance safety and ease of access so work and activities can continue as normal, even in challenging weather conditions.

Why use Geogrid?

Geogrid ground protection and reinforcementDuring Winter (and Spring), the ground is typically boggy and slippery, plus it is easily damaged by vehicles or foot traffic. However, with Geogrid installed, the surface becomes tidy and resilient, ready for immediate use. The honeycomb structure allows water to permeate into the soil below, keeping the ground well-hydrated without turning into a muddy quagmire.

Ground reinforcement grids can also protect your grass while allowing it to continue growing. This is ideal for paddocks, gardens and events – both large and small, and if you need to provide temporary parking on a grassy area. Geogrids  provide a strong and stable flooring option that can easily be removed to reveal grass that has been saved from damage.

Because of Geogrid’s flexibility and long-lasting quality, it offers both temporary and permanent solutions to clients. You could build drives, car parks, storage compounds, access roads, paths or gateways and leave it in situ for a long time.  Alternatively, if you want to use Geogrid for a short period, or suddenly need to change the application of the land, it can be removed, cleaned and re-deployed quickly and easily.

Key features:

  • Ground reinforcement and stabilisation
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance with natural drainage
  • Can be laid to any shape
  • Prevents gravel migration
  • Conforms and adapts to cold weather conditions including freeze-thaw cycles

Cost saving benefits

Ground protection mats are not expensive to purchase or hire, and in the long term will save you from the far higher costs of reinstating surfaces that are damaged by heavy machinery. They also decrease the risk of injury to your workforce, or the public, who could suffer an injury caused by unstable ground conditions.

Furthermore, Geogrid ground protection aids in avoiding project delays caused by unfavourable weather conditions. During periods of unpredictable and unseasonably wet weather, which can occur at any time of the year, the ground may become too soft to support heavy access equipment. In such cases, ground protection mats ensure that work can proceed smoothly, on schedule and within budget.

Overall, we know that the weather is unavoidable, but by considering the long term impact of the year-round climate and implementing effective solutions, you can easily minimise the impact it will have on your outdoor surface. The unique design of Geogrid means it is flexible to the expansion and retraction of the freeze-thaw cycle and is able to maintain its strength and durability throughout cold conditions, making this unsung hero an excellent all-weather choice for ground reinforcement

The Box Group can supply all your ground protection needs

Geogrid ground protection and reinforcementWith over 20 years of experience in the industry, The Box Group (Floorbox Ltd) has the right experience to advise you on all things ground protection. Geogrid, temporary trackway and flooring are available to purchase or hire, plus we supply a range of outrigger pads for equipment that needs stable surfaces for a wider area than regular mats can provide. Order online via our store,, or if you’ve any questions, drop us an email to or give us a call  on +44 (0) 203 286 7463  and chat with our expert team about your specific ground protection needs.

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