Goodwood Festival of Speed is an important event in the UK motoring calendar. Major automotive brands need to not only attend the show, but also make a strong impression on its audience. The Floorbox has a long history of working with exhibitors at the show, so we were pleased to be making another appearance during July 2021.

After working with many different companies during our tenure at the event, this year The Floorbox was brought in to partner one of the world’s best known car brands – the Ford Motor company.

Ford uses a large, mobile display showroom trailer, complete with the meeting rooms and branding to make a statement, where-ever they need to exhibit. It’s transported to festival and exhibition sites by a HGV, before being unfolded at the required location, ready to go to work.

The Situation

Ford’s unit must be positioned on a completely flat base to operate effectively, with any small infraction causing problems in the guest experience – doors will stick, ramps and pathways won’t be smooth and in the worst cases, even seating arrangements could be affected.

The Floorbox were contracted by Jack Morton Worldwide to not only create the smooth, flat base in the grass covered display zone for the Ford mobile showroom, but to also build a metal track for the HGV to transport the unit from the road onto the base.


The Floorbox explored two different options for the base, inviting the prospective suppliers to visit the site and perform a demo. After considering the parameters of the project, which required the flooring to support a series of hydraulic rams that were used to level the unit – the ITrac was selected for the stable base, thanks to its ability to meet the required tolerances.

AMP metal road panels, a solution that is now trusted due to its regular use by The Floorbox was also used to create the off-ramp to transport the mobile unit from the regular roads to its resting place.

Gary Pye, The Floorbox’s operational expert was on hand to ensure that our local teams were able to deploy the entire flooring and road panel solution in under 8 hours. Delivery was smooth and easy – and because we were able to meet the allotted time constraints by the site overseers – there were no complications with scheduling or competing with other exhibitors for space.


Jack Morton Worldwide were extremely pleased with both the products used for the job and our on-site deployment, which went without any major issues and was completed on budget and on time. As a result, they contracted The Floorbox’s services to perform similar services in both the North and South Carfests and at the Royal Norfolk Show.

And thanks to our expertise, we also made contacts during the exhibition that led to our involvement creating strong support systems for a large zip-line attraction.

More Information

For more information about any of The Floorbox’s services, products or or how we could help you achieve the best possible results for your event. We have a wealth of knowledge to draw on, and we aren’t afraid to think outside the box, so to speak.

If you want to learn more please contact Gary Pye at the FloorBox and speak to our Operational Expert call +44714 213680 or mail

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