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Supa-Trac PP Floor Panel | Grey

Supa-Trac Regular is a true all-rounder in the world of medium-duty flooring systems offering resilience, versatility and a wide range of different applications.

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Although all medium-duty systems have their limitations, Supa-Trac Reg is one of our favourites not only provides excellent ground protection for pedestrian access; it is also the first product in the Rola-Trac range that can accommodate moving vehicles with an axle weight of up to 3.5 tonnes (in other words, most cars or vans). Ground dependent, Supa-Trac Reg can also withstand a high level of static loading - approximately 70 tonnes per m2.

What can Supa-Trac be used for?

Whenever you have sensitive ground conditions that require maximum protection; a state of the art football pitch, for example, Supa-Trac Regular is the temporary flooring system relied upon by professional sports venues and event organisers around the world.

It has been used for hundreds of different occasions to protect a multitude of different surfaces, and it is especially invaluable for areas that are guaranteed to take the greatest punishment, like front-of-stage at rock concerts or as a base for heavy duty crowd barrier systems.

Supa-Trac Regular has also been used by the military to extend areas of operation across all kinds of difficult and inhospitable terrain and to create a safe and stable landing surface for helicopters. Chinooks, Apaches and Blackhawk helicopters have all successfully tested the Supa-Trac system.

For the construction industry, Supa-Trac has multiple uses.

Construction projects can impact heavily on people who need to pass through the site to access their place of business, and Supa-Trac creates safe and secure ground cover for the transit of both pedestrians and vehicles. It can also convert most ground surfaces into safe and stable parking areas for cars and other light vehicles, or form a reliable foundation for temporary buildings and other structures.

Supa-Trac Regular can be quickly installed and extracted. One person can lay up to 70 m2 within an hour and no clips, tools or special expertise is required. The non-slip flooring panels can be configured into any size or shape and, when removed, may be stored either indoors or outdoors ready to be used again whenever you need them. Cleaning Supa-Trac is easy too, a quick hose down is all that's required.
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