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Every time you go to an outdoor event, the chances are you will walk on a path or cross over cables protected by covers or temporary flooring systems. The Floorbox now brings these highly effective lightweight flooring and cabling solutions for you to use at home or camping.

Your Garage, garden or Caravan can benefit from quickly installed floors to open up areas to use deck chairs, enhance your garage space for a Gym, or create a garden path.

The Floorbox offers a range of quality flooring solutions and cable protection systems used by event professionals worldwide. The wait is over; we have put together a range of products that will enhance the look of a shed, garage or awning floor and save you time and money.

Trampoline base

What if we told you that you could build your own trampoline base in less than a day, that will last for years to come?

Want to learn more? The Floorbox can provide the products and the expertise needed when it comes to guiding you towards this goal.

Sheds, Greenhouses & Outdoor Building Bases

Have you been quoted an enormous price to build a concrete base for a shed greenhouse or outdoor building?

Why pay when you don’t have to?

If we said that there is a super-easy way to build a stable, resilient foundation in less than a day, would you want to know more?

Caravan and Camping Flooring

Create your awning floor in minutes! A stable and attractive surface that protects your gear from damp while looking after the underlying grass.

Why not create your home from home patio with a quick build temporary flooring system for your awning?

Garage Floors

Are you fed up with the contents of your garage getting damp or dusty from your existing, dull concrete floor?

Why not transform your garage space into an attractive, usable surface in minutes?

Floorbox has a range of flooring solutions that can do just that. Turn the space into a games room, gym or workshop in minutes.

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