Geogrid Premium Ground Reinforcement

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GeoGrid is the stylish and intelligent solution for anyone who wants to permanently reinforce their ground or add a smart-looking access route, driveway or car park.

GeoGrid® Premium can withstand a 35 tonnes axle or point load and 500 tonnes per square metre*

If you want to create extra parking space in your garden, but don’t want to destroy the ground, why not create a GeoGrid driveway?  Just lay GeoGrid, fill it with shingle, grass or whatever decorative stones you prefer and you’re ready to go. This great flooring system is perfect for large estates or stately homes, where you may often require overflow parking, but want to maintain the appearance of landscaped grass. Use GeoGrid along with turf and the look will be consistent, but the grass you need to protect underneath it will be preserved.

GeoGrid is a patented cellular grid paving system and it is also ideal for gateways or entrance areas, fire and emergency routes, depot storage areas or fire and emergency lanes where there is a requirement for indicating specific zones like disabled parking bays and traffic flow directions. It can even be used for sporting applications like golf buggy routes or equestrian areas.

As there’s no tarmac to lay there are no drainage problems to worry about.  GeoGrid mesh supports and protects the ground it sits upon making everything firmer and more solid. GeoGrid’s ground reinforcement and stabilisation grids are equal to and often better than the axle or point load performance of other currently available 40mm or 50mm cellular geopavers.

Manufactured in the UK and Europe, the GeoGrid mat is made from 100% recycled premium high-density polyethylene. Because the patented cellular design allows for easy dispersal of excess rain and floodwater, GeoGrid is perfect for areas that are prone to flooding or other water dispersion problems and it can integrate seamlessly and safely into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

GeoGrid is a time-saving and cost-effective solution as well. The grids can be offloaded directly from the pallet as pre-connected 1m sections and its ingenious interlocking design ensures quick and easy installation. Once installed, GeoGrid can be in-filled with either aggregate or decorative stones to provide additional reinforcement for areas of high pedestrian or vehicle use. GeoGrid can also be seeded with grass to make it more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 40 mm

Default Title

Pack Quantity

1 Panel

Panel Size

1000mm x 1000mm

Panel Area

1 square metre

Panel Weight

6.4 Kg

3 reviews for Geogrid Premium Ground Reinforcement

  1. Philip C.

    Geaogrid was very easy to lay down. It is a remarkable design which is very strong yet light to carry and easy to clip together. I bought it to park my caravan on and it is simply marvellous. It is also so much cheaper than having ground work done. Many thanks for a fantastic product, which was quickly delivered.

    • Floorbox

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  2. S W.

    I thought the product was very good, it was light weight, strong and easy to click together. I took care to make sure the dug out ground was level, then the gravel layer before putting the grid on the top and filling with pea shingle. It’s important not to walk on the grid befor the fine gravel goes in as it becomes uneaten. This can be got round by throwing the fine grit on from the side and moving across the grid filling it up in front of you as you go. The grid was used for a 10 x 8 summer house and with the attention to detail as above has provided a great self draining, firm and level foundation. I would recommend it!

  3. Tony N.

    Summerhouse base… Brilliant product I was able to lay the base for my summerhouse myself without the mess and paying someone to lay a concrete on, so really pleased.
    Strong structure and all from recycled plastic ……win win

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