Log Cabin Base Pack

You don’t need to be a resident of the Rocky Mountains to get your log cabin game on – and we’re here to help you lay solid foundations.

Your log cabin must be built on a strong base, one that can take the structure’s weight and keeps it level so that the doors and windows hang correctly. The last thing you want is for damp to invade the wood, and you’ll be keen to keep vermin at bay. Fortunately, with our log cabin base packs, it’s never been easier to create the right, protective surface.

Simply take the measurements of your cabin and select the base pack that fits your structure. Once it arrives, you’ll find it’s an easy, painless process to lay the base and prepare your cabin for the next stage. By the time the first log is in place, you’ll have already saved a fortune as you didn’t need to hire someone to put concrete or paving slabs down.

You’re one step closer to spending the entire winter wearing a chunky knitwear, sporting a magnificent beard and becoming a craft brewing extraordinaire.

Happy days.

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Log Cabin Foundations

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