The UK may have a roadmap to ending lockdown, but it is likely that social distancing will still need to be in place for some time. While non-essential shops and other venues are due to open by June 21st, they may still need to operate on a reduced capacity to allow for safe social distancing. 

This means you need to consider how to incorporate social distancing into your space, both inside and outside where there are likely to be queues. Luckily, temporary events flooring can help with this. 

Expanding Your Space

One of the easiest ways to deal with social distancing is to expand your available space. This can mean turning any outdoor space you have, such as your car park, into an extension of your indoor space. Particularly useful for restaurants, cafes and bars, this can allow you to serve the same number of people you previously could while allowing people to maintain social distancing. 

However, not all outdoor floors are suitable for use as part of your business. Uneven and slippery floors can be hazardous, so your outdoor space might not be suitable for customers. Using temporary flooring can help provide a safer, even floor so you can create a great outdoor space for customers. 

Combined with temporary waterproof covers and awnings, events flooring can also provide you with an all-weather solution. This means that the extra space is suitable for the entire British summer, allowing you to maintain your capacity levels. 

Outdoor Queuing

We’ve all seen some crazy queues throughout lockdown, with many of them snaking around buildings or even causing hazards in car parks and along roads. Maintaining the safety of your customers if they do need to queue to enter your premises is important, so creating safe queue zones can be a good idea. 

While many businesses used cones or barriers to create a queuing system, these can easily be moved by customers, meaning they end up representing hazards for people or vehicles. Combining barriers with temporary flooring to show exactly where the queue should be can help avoid confusion and stop the system from getting moved around. 

On top of this, it can help keep people safe if you need them to queue on potentially slippery and even ground. Ensuring the entrance to your premises and the queue system is level is also an important part of accessibility, as it will allow wheelchair users or those with limited mobility to queue more comfortably. 

Pedestrian Flow Systems

Changing the layout of shopfloors, offices and other premises is an effective way of helping to maintain social distancing. Widening aisles in shops, creating more space between desks and creating a one-way system can all help, but furniture and displays can easily be moved back by accident, affecting the system. 

Using temporary flooring to highlight pathways can help maintain your pedestrian flow system and reduce contact between people. Flooring allows you to create a clear path to follow, especially if you incorporate directional arrows and key instructions along the way. 

With temporary flooring, you can continue the flow system inside and outside as well, helping to reduce the confusion that two different systems can cause. Even better, events flooring isn’t permanent, so if you need to move it, you can do so easily and quickly without disrupting your customers or the workplace. 

Additional Parking

If you’re utilising some of your outdoor space for a queue system or to expand your capacity, it does raise the question of where can staff and customers park. Ideally, you still want to provide parking spaces, especially if you’re located in an area that doesn’t offer a lot of parking options. 

Rather than trying to cram the same amount of spaces around your queuing system or outdoor seating, you can use temporary car park ground reinforcements to make use of areas that may not previously have been suitable for parking. 

Temporary car park flooring, allows you to even the ground out, provide traction and easily expand your parking spaces, often without the need for planning permission. This means you can use grassy areas or uneven ground that was previously unused for parking, ensuring your employees and customers can still park safely. 

Even better, temporary car parks can protect the ground underneath, so you can create more parking spaces without destroying landscaping or churning up grass. 

Find Out How We Can Help

If you think events flooring might be the best option to help you maintain social distancing while maintaining the capacity of your business, get in touch today to see how we can help. 

With a great range of options when it comes to floor mats, car parks and even cable management, we can help you adapt your business so you can make the most of the space you have when lockdown restrictions ease.

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