Imagine the scenario – you’ve bought your kids a new trampoline, they are desperate get jumping, but you need to stand it on a solid ground base to ensure their safety. We can’t all be blessed with perfectly level gardens, and no-one wants to tell hyped-up kids that they need to play the waiting game. Don’t worry, Floorbox has you covered with our ground reinforcement systems, and you’ll have a level trampoline base in no time at all. Here are our five top tips to getting your ground trampoline ready.

 1.  Location, Location, Location

Identify the perfect place to situate your trampoline and mark it out with a string line. The standard trampoline sizes tend to be anything from 8 to 14ft, so make sure you’ve picked the right space, with a bit of room around it. Covering that sort of area in concrete etc. is likely to need professional help, but with our ground reinforcement system you can fly solo and do it yourself.


Trampoline find a location

 2.  Create a level playing field

Now level the ground to the best of your ability. All you’ll need is a rake and some elbow grease. It’s not the world’s most enjoyable job, but it’s better than parting with a bunch of £20 notes so stick some tunes on and get going. Just use a basic spirit level to keep you on track, and if you decide to use the rake as a guitar at any point in the process, we won’t judge you.


Rake the ground

 3.  Weed out trouble

You don’t want weeds sprouting up through the trampoline base. So, get yourself some weed suppression textile and get protected. A basic geotextile like Terram Weedguard will do the trick, and you can pick that up in any decent DIY store.


Weed suppressant

4.  Get grid locked

Now for the fun bit. Take your choice of ground reinforcement systems – like Geogrid Standard, Geogrid Premium or Durapath and click it together. It’s deeply satisfying to see these nifty grids lock in so easily and be good to go. It took us just 20 mins to assemble the 5mx5m Geogrid in our video – and we were busy posing for the cameras too!



5.  The finishing touch

What’s your choice of gravel to fill the grid? We like the way pea shingle looks, but you can be as fancy as you like with your choice of gravel. Just tip it on and brush it over the grid until each bit is filled. Then stand back, congratulate yourself on being awesome and prepare to receive serious Dad or Mum points.


Trampoline in garden



If you’d like more help on choosing the right ground reinforcement system for your trampoline or any information on our products, please get in touch on +44 (0)203 286 7463 or email



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