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Driveway Grids

Driveway Grids

Not everyone is blessed with enough drive space for every driver in their family to park up - but if you’ve got a spare bit of turf that’s doing nothing, we’ve got a solution.

Our driveway grids are easy to lay, affordable and can be removed when you want to return the space to its original use. That means once your son or daughter has moved out and taken their car with them, you can reclaim that area of your garden quickly and with no fuss.

For industrial customers, the driveway grids offer great flexibility. We know that often you need to make space for your workforce to park and that seasonal work can create greater demands. You won’t need to pay out for concrete if you choose a Floorbox solution, our grids can be deployed fast, without using tools and give you the parking space you need.

Need to protect the turf underneath but still want to park on top?

Just select one of our on-ground solutions (such as Supa-Trac or TuffTrak), and you’re good to go.

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Trakmat Floor Panel

£240.00 (inc VAT)

TuffTrak XT Floor Panel

£2,399.00 (inc VAT)

TuffTrak STD PE1000 Floor Panel

£1,740.00 (inc VAT)

i-Trac Floor panel

£132.00 (inc VAT)