Every year the nation hopes for a bright, beautiful summer, but the reality is often a disappointing washout. In 2017, the UK experienced the 11th wettest summer since records began, even though the overall data showed it was also warmer than average. That’s cold comfort for us all, but particularly for event managers trying to stage outdoor experiences when extreme rain (or heat) makes an unwelcome appearance. As well as playing havoc with your location and equipment, you don’t want guests and clients remembering your event for all the wrong reasons.

So, how do you make your event a success, no matter what Mother Nature has planned?


Get kitted out 

Whether you are working on marquee events like parties, weddings or balls, staging a music festival with outdoor stages, or creating team building events in a field, the idea of days of rain falling at your location is a nightmare. The two most important concerns if the ground is boggy or muddy are getting your structure to the location and then creating a sturdy surface to build it on. Issues with moving vehicles and workers to the event location can be solved by laying trackway products like Lodax or Euromat to create access tracks for everything to be moved safely. These mats are designed to be used on difficult ground, they fit together easily and can be installed by two people quickly and efficiently.


Build it beautiful

Once everything is at the location, the build can begin, and you should start with establishing the flooring surface. Marquee or tented events mostly require guests to have a clean, dry, comfortable floor beneath them, and that’s where products like Portapath, Rola-Trac Lite or Rola-Trac Ultra come into their own. These modular systems are the perfect solution for temporary events spaces as they can be fitted to exact specifications. Better yet, they are incredibly simple to keep clean, which is incredibly useful if your event runs over consecutive days and mud or dirt could be walked in by a deluge of visitors.

Pathway perfection


We all want our event guests to have the best time possible, and for our clients to be delighted by their response, but that’s easier said than done if the ground is a swamp. To ensure they can move around the area safely and without a huge dry-cleaning bill, it’s a good idea to establish temporary paths taking them around your site. Once again Rola-Trac Lite and EuroMat are affordable, smart solutions, providing plenty of protection for guests who won’t have to wear wellies with their formal wear just to survive their day out. Even if you’re blessed with sunshine, having a steady, sturdy path is still a good idea. If you have cables running to power equipment, be sure to use products like Guard Dog to prevent people tripping over them and to keep the cables themselves safe from damage.

Parking Pride


Visitor vehicles getting stuck in the mud can become a logistical nightmare as people arrive or depart your event. You may also need to provide parking space on turf or ground that needs to be protected and restored to a decent state afterwards. You can build a temporary car park in record time by using a smart system such as Supa-Trac, which can take the load of cars and small vehicles. From the moment your visitors step out of their cars, they can be impressed by the standard you’ve achieved, no matter what the weather. You can guide pedestrian traffic easily from the car park to the event using trackway and those in attendance will know they can get back to a clean car and drive off without needing a push.

If you’d like to discover more ways for temporary flooring systems to protect your events from the weather, get in touch with the team on +44 (0)203 286 7463 or email contact@thefloorbox.com.

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