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Cable Management

Cable Management

Working with cables can be a headache for even the most experienced facilities professional.

No doubt you’ll have expensive machinery or tech plugged in, and workers moving around the area, prone to catching the dangling cables.

The potential for catastrophe is ever present - and broken bones or broken kit will cost you dearly.
That’s why cable management systems are the answer to your prayers.

These clever systems are designed to protect the cables and ensure people don’t catch them or trip over stray leads. In some instances, you may need to move vehicles across the area, and fear that a heavy load could damage the cables you’ve got in place.

Once again, that problem is solved when the cable is concealed in a channel, below the surface of your floor. Imagine the deep satisfaction you’ll get from ticking health and safety boxes, and banishing ugly cables from your super smart workspace. All while using a product that is quick and easy to install.

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