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Creating a garden path that’s safe, level and looks great can be expensive and a challenge. But at Floorbox, we’ve got a solution that’s putting a smile on our customer’s faces - our super versatile ground reinforcement systems. So, here’s the story of Judy, her dad and a daily ritual that needed the Floorbox touch.

The problem:

Things had changed in Judy’s home thanks to their new housemate - her elderly dad. She and her husband wanted Dad to feel as comfortable as possible, as they were all too aware that sharing the space would mean change and compromise for them all.

“My dear old Dad is now 91-years-old, and he likes to take a stroll up to the shed each day,” Judy told us. “But we have a problem with the ground leading up to the shed.” 

The trouble was that there was no garden path for Dad to amble up, and that left him vulnerable to trips and falls. Could we help him continue to enjoy his shed ritual safely, but not change Judy’s garden forever? Hell, yes!

The solution:

We suggested that Judy uses the Durapath to lay down a temporary pathway that led from the safety of the patio to the shed door. The beauty of this system is that you can lay it easily without having to grapple with concrete or paving, fill it with your choice of shingle and the result is easy on the eye. Dad can walk up and down it without worrying about falling because it drains water, doesn’t get icy and provides a level surface for him.

The future:

There were good reasons that Judy didn’t want to have a permanent, stone path laid. In the front of her mind was the fact that the family also use that space for parking, and that they may want to change the layout in time. The good news for them is that the Durapath system is easy to lay, easy to remove and offers that flexibility. So, when the time comes to make a change, it’s going to be a quick job and won’t cost them a fortune. 

“The main reason for choosing the Floorbox temporary flooring solution was that we didn't want the stone path as will be using this area as a driveway in the future,” explains Judy. “So, this is an ideal solution because it provides a smooth, durable base that will withstand some light traffic!

“The finish is great, and it provides a fab garden path for Dad,” she enthuses. “Durapath is a great quality product, and I’d use it again!”


If you need to create a nice-looking, safe garden path for your home, get in touch. We’ve got plenty of ideas and options to get the job done.