Floorbox is Exhibiting at the Premium Outdoor Event Show in 2018 – The Showman’s Show 

Once again it is the time of year to get on your boots and make tracks to Newbury. If you come along to the show you will find Floorbox on STAND 128 Avenue G Junction with Avenue C

The showman’s’ show takes place on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th October at Newbury Show Ground, and this year, there will be a new player in town.

The AmP Panel! Man Deployable Temporary Road


AmP Panel Tried and Tested

Floorbox’s brand new and now well-tested 3m x 1.15m man deployable temporary road panel had a 3-month prototype test programme followed by the full-on 2018 festival season thanks to our friends at Entertee hire.

Before we started shouting our heads off about it, we wanted to see what happened this year and how the AmP panel was performing.

We joined the Entertee team at Leefest back in July, on what turned out to be the hottest day of a scorching summer.

Fast Install – 200 panels on the ground in two hours!

The team was amazing, and we were stunned when just about two hours after they hit the ground, the two hundred panel install was signed off and done.

Blimey, that was quick!

The ability to navigate slight bends by offsetting connections and if needs be to take advantage of multiple connection points to step out further means the AmP panel can totally drive you round a bend. (In a good way!)

The high number of connections offer more benefits to AmP users.

1. The Amp Panel can brick weave build, increasing the combined strength of a pad area.

2. The weakest point of any panel is the way it connects to the next in line. With up to 10 connection points we can belt and brace our connections to       give you the security you need.

Enough Chat!

Why not come and have a look for yourself. Join the Floorbox on Stand 128 Avenue G at the showman’s show in Newbury.

Find out more about the Showman’s Show here
You can register to visit right here!

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