Last weekend Floorbox was privileged to be a part of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup at Silverstone, the home of British motor racing. It was a terrific three-day event and we loved every minute of it, but an unexpected glitch taught us a valuable lesson.

We were at Blancpain for a couple of very big reasons. One: because we’re sponsors of Team Black Falcon and our logo is proudly emblazoned on one of their fabulous (and extremely fast) cars, and two: to demonstrate the power of our temporary flooring solutions. After all, temporary flooring is a vital component in the motorsport industry, especially when a team usually brings its own infrastructure to an event regardless of where they are in the world.

So, we happily took 200 metres of Supa-Trac flooring with us to lay down in the hospitality and pit garage areas. We’ve got a lot of expertise in motorsports and we knew that Supa-Trac would be perfect… what could possibly go wrong?

The good news is, Supa-Trac in the hospitality area worked fantastically well. Not only is it tough and resilient but it looked the business too. Unfortunately, the pit garage was where we learned our lesson.

The Supa-Trac we took with us was 30mm in depth, but it wasn’t until we arrived that we discovered Black Falcon’s cars could only take a depth tolerance of 20mm – anything above that and the vehicle could be damaged by catching on the surface. When you look at the photos and see how low the cars are to the ground you’ll appreciate our dilemma.

But even though we couldn’t use the Supa-Trac as we’d hoped we did gain deeper understanding of a customer problem we weren’t aware of. And now we’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

motorsports teams use temporary flooring

When we returned from Silverstone we realised there are products on our site which would have been perfect for Black Falcon – like Technotile, for example. However, over the next two to three months, we’ll also be expanding our motorsports flooring portfolio to introduce systems that will be most relevant and valuable to our motor racing clientele. Because at Floorbox we believe in finding the perfect solution for everybody, no matter what industry you’re in, no matter what you need our temporary flooring for.

If you’ve got a temporary flooring issue you’d like us to solve, get in touch. Our expert term are always here to help.

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