The chances are there’s a space in your place that’s going to waste. Look around: is there a neglected garage, wasted bit of garden or dodgy driveway begging for a bit of attention? It’s not as hard as you think to transform it. All you need to get started is a temporary floor in a box, and that’s exactly what Floorbox delivers.

Delivery in a box

Speaking of delivery, we found out how much temporary flooring we can fit in a box and still stay on the right side of our couriers. It all started with you, our brilliant customers, as always. We thought about why you might be coming to Floorbox. Perhaps you need a decent garden path, a solid foundation for your decking or a rubber garage floor. You might require a non-slip surface as a tent flooring or mats to fit into your caravan awning. For all these applications you’ll need a lightweight interlocking flooring product like Rola-Trac Lite.

Up to 30m of temporary floor in a box


We can fit an incredible 10 square metres of Rola-Trac Lite into our boxes, which would give you up to 30 metres of temporary floor to play with. It’s so easy to stack and send, and just as simple to unpack and lay. In a matter of minutes, that waste of space suddenly becomes a place of great potential. A modular floor is not only a cheap temporary floor solution but doesn’t require a construction genius to assemble. Rola-Trac Lite has a click-together design that works like a dream. Given how quick it is to both lay and pack away, Rola-Trac lite is great if you love a bit of BBQ action. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice your lawn to the party gods.

When your loved ones descend for a burger-tastic afternoon, you can lay Rola-Trac across your lawn and let the festivities commence. After that, you just pack it up and delight in seeing how good your grass still looks.

We also recommend the mighty Portapath as an alternative. It gives you economical protection and is perfect for events of any kind.

Portapath – perfect temporary floor for any event

We’d love to know how you plan to use your temporary floor in a box so do share your photos on our social channels. If your struggling to come up with the perfect plan, just talk to our expert team. We’ll help you reclaim those unloved spaces and make them work for you.

Give us a call to find out more on 0203 2867463.

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