If you run a business where your employees work on their feet, it’s vital to look after them properly. A happy, healthy workforce is far more productive and doesn’t take as much time off due to sickness. But given that standing work can take a serious toll on the body, how can you protect and enhance the environment for your staff? The answer is anti-fatigue mats.


We’re excited to have a new partnership with brand No-Trax, who are pioneers in the arena of anti-fatigue matting systems. They identified the problems faced by standing workers and used the scientific research conducted by biomechanical expert Professor Dr Redha Taiar to develop matting solutions. So, what can Professor Taiar’s report ‘Standing Smart’ tell us about the problems and answers to working on your feet?


Extreme pain, no gain


Workers who do standing jobs often complain about problems including joint pain, bad backs, sore feet, muscle discomfort, swollen limbs and a range of podiatry issues. In the long term, there is evidence that such work can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, arthritis and long-term musculoskeletal disorders. Dr Taiar explains that much of this stems from the dysfunction of balance when you work on a traditional flooring surface. He found that the distribution of foot pressure was around 30% on one foot, and 70% on the other (with the subjects of his research favouring putting more weight on their right side). This imbalance is very harmful to the human body concludes Professor Taiar.


Fighting fatigue


So, how do anti-fatigue mats help to solve the issues identified in the report? The main advantage is how these systems work to correct balancing and provide the workers with a uniform distribution of weight on both legs. Throughout their shift, employees in these types of jobs tend to make small movements constantly. If they are standing on a hard surface, the imbalances caused by these small movements take their toll. But if they stand on an anti-fatigue mat, the added muscular-skeletal comfort, improved blood flow, and uniform distribution reduces the pain and helps maintain productivity for longer.


All systems go!


At Floorbox, we offer customers the choice between No Trax systems Cushion Trax and Skywalker. If you run production lines, Cushion Trax is a great solution – and can be bought in rolls. If it’s a modular system you need, the Skywalker range works brilliantly. With options including anti-electrostatic, fire retardant, and oil resistant, there’s a product suitable for most working environments.

If you want to find out more about the systems available, get in touch with our expert team. We’ll help you to keep your people protected and productive.

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