At Floorbox, we aim to keep our customers’ projects on track thanks to a range of affordable temporary flooring solutions. Having spent years working on big construction jobs including the London Olympics, our CEO John Davy has the first-hand experience of the issues faced. Every product is put to the test by our experts to make sure it’ll handle the jobs we recommend it for. Here John talks about the intermediate level products we stock and how they can be deployed.


What’s one of the most common problems you get asked to help Floorbox customers with?


The same scenario comes up time after time. There’s a job that’s 99% done, and something happens that means the crew need to go back across a perfectly landscaped lawn or sensitive site to work. It’s a nightmare for these guys because they might ruin the ground and have to pay to restore it, or they have to work for longer to bring it back up to condition. Either way, it’s going to cost them time and money. Fortunately, we have these resilient mats they can buy or hire that allow them access without wrecking the ground below.


temporary flooring for landscape gardeners, construction and film location


What kind of projects are these customers working on?


Interestingly, these intermediate products are useful for projects in many different industries. For example, I’ll talk to landscape gardeners who are working on a golf course or the grounds of a hotel or even in someone’s garden, and they need them. There will be construction companies doing projects on sites of scientific interest, or putting up telephone masts in areas where they need to be careful. Then there’s film location teams who just got word that the director wants to do reshoots and they need to return to complete filming for a couple of days. So, it can be anyone from a two-man builder’s firm to civil engineering companies like Balfour Beatty, and everyone in between.


Which of the Floorbox products do you recommend?


It’ll be the intermediate systems like EuroMat, Lodax Budget or Premium Mats. The reason these are great options is that they suit different budgets and requirements. So, your small builder’s company, who can’t afford to hire this stuff can buy a small amount of the entry level Lodax Budget Mats and know they can easily move it around and throw it down wherever they need to. For the bigger companies, who might be using small machinery like mini-diggers etc., they can use the EuroMat or Lodax Premium because they can handle the loads and are easy to store in the back of a van or flat loader and simple to use. You can create an access way fast, be sure the ground is protected and get on with the job without fuss or massive costs.



Do the materials used to make these temporary mat systems have an impact?


Yes, I call it the ‘chuck factor’ because you can chuck almost anything at these systems and they’ll be inert to it! EuroMat and TuffTrak are made of high-density polythylene (HDPE), and Lodax make their mats from recycled plastic. These mats are strong, and you can chuck them down anywhere and create access. It doesn’t matter what you spill on them, or where you are working, they will be suitable. Chuck them down, chuck stuff on them, chuck them back in the van afterwards, and the job’s a good ‘un.


What sort of feedback do you get?


It’s great because I often hear from customers that we’ve got them out of trouble! It’s such a simple piece of kit, but it’s incredibly handy. Nobody wants to reach the end of the job and then find out they’ve got to spend on hiring a load of matting. It makes sense to buy a small stock of this stuff, which is easy to store and to lay, for those tricky jobs. They save time and money, which is what you need in these situations. The beauty of EuroMat, Lodax Budget and Premium mat systems is that there’s a product suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a nuclear power station or sorting out Mrs Jones’ flower beds, we’ll help you find the right product for the task.


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